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We are Neil, Crystal, Ella, Owen, Noah and Hudson Pennington.  This blog will document our travels aboard our Leopard 4500 Catamaran, LIMITLESS.

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Preparing to Cast Off...

We arrived in Punta Gorda, Florida on September 29th and moved aboard Limitless. Having lived aboard for 2 months now has been an interesting experience to say the least. We've had many boat projects to wrap up and adjusting to living aboard a boat has its many ups and downs. Being together 24/7 is quite the adjustment for all of us! The kids are learning to participate in their homeschooling better each day.

We spent a few weeks (longer than expected) in St Petersburg, Florida. While there, we did get an opportunity to go visit family in Santa Barbara, California and attend a friends wedding. The kids were also happy to have a week long visit from their grandparents Charlotte and Steve. They were gracious enough to drive our vehicle back to Arkansas and for the first time ever, we are officially without a car. Our time in St Petersburg was a great experience but we were ready to set sail when we left.

We did get to experience going under the Sunshine Skyway Bridge at night as we left Tampa Bay...

After spending a week out at anchor, we decided a camping trip to Cayo Costa would be a great break from the boat. Cayo Costa is a Florida state park only accessible by boat.

Back at Burnt Store Marina, we've had endless to do lists and amazon packages to get the boat and crew prepared. We enjoyed Thanksgiving aboard Limitless and spending time here with other boating friends. After a quick stop at Disney World, we plan to set sail on Saturday, December 1st. Our first stop is Key West, before heading to the Bahamas some time in December.

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